In 2020, Micaela S. Benn was inspired during the global COVID-19 pandemic to author her first children’s book series. Her primary goal was to enrich the lives of small children and their parents with positive messages and imagery that shapes their consciousness, confidence, and capabilities.


To further this initiative and to more widely bring awareness of cultural diversity to young people and their parents, Micaela established BrandStory Blvd. BrandStory Blvd is an agency that provides branding, content, and digital marketing services that position self-published authors and illustrators to connect with children and young readers.


Micaela understands the unique needs and concerns of small business owners and self-publishing professionals first-hand. She left the corporate world in 2018 after she spent 16 years amassing a wealth of knowledge by actively leading in roles across strategic marketing functions, from Market Analysis & Research to Product & Project Management for several Fortune 200 Companies.


Though she is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Micaela's team as well as her clients span North & South America. To work with the BrandStory Blvd team, visit the services page to learn more about how to get started.


Micaela S. Benn has been a Certified Content Marketing Specialist since 2017. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Eli Broad School of Graduate Management at Michigan State University, where she concentrated on Marketing and Supply Chain Management. She also holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University's Max Fisher College of Business, where she first fell in love with Marketing. 

To work with Micaela to create a high-impact marketing strategy for your next children's book, go here.


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