Interview Alert: The Activity Author Joins Me To Discuss Crafting & Children's Books

May 07, 2021

This may be one of the shortest blog posts I will ever publish. You know that's hard for me to do, be brief, since I am always talking a lot in detail about the one thing that I'm most experienced in...MARKETING!


But, not today.


I’m not going to drag this one out. I just want you to know about the latest interview that was shared on The Children’s Book Marketing Channel on YouTube.


It features me talking with The Activity Author, Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant, who wrote "My Daddy Doesn't Need A Cape," and "New Baby Coming, New Baby Here."


We cover her author journey as well as how she’s using two things she’s entirely passionate about to make a positive impact for children’s book readers and authors.


You’ll want to add this to your must-watch videos because there is so much to inspire you to use your talent that I guarantee your creativity will kick into high gear.


Better yet, if you have...

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Episode 008: Why You Should Definitely Release Your Children’s Books As A Series

Apr 14, 2021

Show Notes

If you’ve ever considered whether to release your children’s book on its own or create from your first book a series of children’s books to follow, then this episode is for you.

I’m a firm believer of the strength that a series has because of its ability to provide more than one glance at the characters, the themes, and the potential for leaving a legacy for a generation of readers.

How do you decide whether a series is for you?

Well, if you want to leverage your writing skills into a body of work that you can self-publish, now is the time to listen up and take notes. What you need to know in order to decide if a series is the right avenue for you is covered here.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • 7 reasons why it’s a good idea to create from your initial children’s book a series of books to follow.
  • What a huge difference it makes to release your children’s books over time as opposed to all copies of the series at...
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3 Unforgettable Lessons I Learned From DMX

Apr 13, 2021

It is with such a heavy heart that I sit here in reflection of the latest loss that The Culture has been hit with. Since I received the news Friday night that confirmed DMX’s passing, I have been on an emotional journey that takes me back to when I was in my early 20s, fearless, unstoppable, and making critical decisions to strike a balance between having fun and living out loud.


Who Was DMX?

The artist, the legend, the man, Earl Simmons, aka DMX (Darkman X), transitioned into his final rest on Friday, April 9, 2021. With this loss, the hip-hop community stood still, flag at half-staff. We will always feel his influence in a lasting way. He is truly, dearly missed.


His family knew him as a father. Industry leaders and hip-hop hopefuls revered him. The public at-large knew him to be a man conflicted between his spiritual calling and the realities of being a product of his environment. Those of us that were fans had another perspective, though.



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Make Your Book Searchable With Metadata

Mar 02, 2021

Metadata is everywhere. It’s in your book description, your author bio, and there is no limit to the number of terms that you can use.


In case you’re not familiar with the concept of metadata, it’s basically what book distributors and companies that will list your title include as any keywords associated with your children’s book.


Metadata is like search engine optimization keywords. Only, instead of being found exclusively through search engines online, like Google and Safari, metadata terms are used within the search engines of the online distributors’ websites.


Sure, you can include the same terms as what may be used to locate your name or your book in a Google search. After all, podcasters, the local news media, and collaborators are looking for book titles like yours online, so make sure you include metadata for Google and Safari to land you in their search results.


But the biggest thing is to use metadata as...

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Podcast 007: Going Direct To The Printer Vs Using Print On Demand

Feb 25, 2021

Episode 007: Going Direct To The Printer Vs Using Print On Demand

Show Notes

You have a choice between Print On Demand for your children's books, or going Direct To Printer for production. But, if you choose to go direct to the printer, there's a lot to know in advance of making that decision.

Trust me, when you have a pallet full of boxes loaded onto the driveway at your home is not the best time to try to figure out where to store everything. You'll want that worked out beforehand, and if you're just starting out as a self-publisher or been in it for years, you'll want the details that I'm sharing in this episode. 

Learn what you need to know about making the right production decision for printing children's books.

Here’s what this episode covers: 

  • Learn what you need to know about producing your children's books with Print On Demand versus going Direct To Printer.
  • Find out how going direct to the printer boosts your earning potential...
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“Am I Posting Too Many Images Of My Kids?”

Feb 18, 2021

I struggled with how much to share about my child when he was first born. No one saw him on social media for about 6 months. I was cautious about putting him out there for the entire world to see, and I tend to be a pretty reserved person, in general, so I had no intention of giving the World Wide Web a front row seat on my couch.


But, I soon learned that there are lots of ways to imply that The Motherhood is part of my everyday interactions, and you too can support your brand without sharing actual images of your children that make you question whether their privacy line has been crossed.

Your Ideal Reader probably has kids, so they get it

If you’re anything like me, you are a member of your ideal reader audience. This means that images of your kids holding and reading books or learning is par for the course of sharing on social media. You’re right to believe that no one wants to see your kids all of the time, nor does anyone want to hear all of the things about...

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Podcast 006: What To Say On Social Media To Get Your Audience To Pay Attention

Feb 06, 2021


Show Notes

And so, here we are, in the third and final installment of the 3-part series I call, Content Marketing Basics for Children’s Book Authors. The series began with episode 4, which explained the first most important thing to know about creating content and that’s Who is the ideal reader that you want to reach. A free workbook on how to find your ideal reader can still be downloaded from the show notes of that episode. If you haven’t already gone there, make that your next stop after listening to this one.

Next, in episode 5, I gave you four reasons to exclusively focus your attention on a limited number of social media platforms. That’s mainly to save you time, but also to reduce the overwhelm that’s almost guaranteed when you try to have a presence in too many places at once. If you haven’t heard that one yet, you’ll want to go there for the breakdown of where to place your attention to reach your audience, and I strongly...

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How To Handle A Flood Of Orders For Your Children's Book

Jan 28, 2021

In the last week alone, Bernie’s Mittens have become more widely recognized than anything so far this year in politics or pop culture.


As I release this post, we’re just a week past the Presidential Inauguration held on January 20, 2021. The peaceful transfer of power is now in the rearview and all anyone can talk about is this meme of Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont.


The Mitten-gate Saga All Started With This

How these mittens became to be most universally recognized pair of mittens is courtesy of a photographer that covered the presidential inauguration. At some point during the event, there was a moment when everyone was outside watching and waiting for whatever was to happen next. While waiting, Bernie sat in a folding chair, legs crossed, arms crossed very casually, and his hands are resting in his lap. His hands are covered by mittens, and his face bears an expression, albeit masked, that's somewhere between:


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What’s The Deal With Clubhouse App and Why You Should Believe The Hype

Jan 14, 2021


About 5 weeks ago, I was given what I considered to be an early Christmas gift from my friend, Melissa.


Without her even knowing how badly I wanted one, she offered to me her only invitation to join the Clubhouse App. It’s one of those things that I put onto my Would Be Nice To Have list, and when she came through I instantly began exploring. Within moments, I was figuring out the platform and because I wasted no time getting into a room, the connections forming immediately.


To find me on Clubhouse App, my name is @micaelasbenn. Go there and connect now if you’re an iOS device user. Right now, that’s the only place the app is available.


If you’ve heard about Clubhouse App and you’re curious, this video I explains what I like most about it. Without trying or having anything prepared in advance, I literally rattled off 10 reasons why I believe the app is a must-have and even share my strategy for using the platform. I’m...

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Podcast 005: Where To Start Communicating With Your Ideal Reader

Nov 25, 2020

Episode 005: Where: Where to start communicating with your ideal reader

Show Notes

I’m over the moon with joy about that because creating a podcast has long been on my heart. It’s taken various alternate shapes over the years, too. First, I thought I wanted the podcast to be about one thing, then I thought I wanted it to be about something totally different. Finally, I landed on creating a podcast to support a mission and a purpose and it all sorta just came together. Sure, it was hard work gearing up to do it, but all the hard work has been entirely worth it.

If you’re following along in this 3-part series that I’ve decided to call Content Marketing Basics for Children’s Book Authors, you’re in the second episode of the series, The Where. The first was The Who, so if you missed it, go back and listen when this episode is complete. The third installment will cover The What, meaning, what delivery media are accessible for you to reach your...

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