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BrandStory Blvd champions diversity and inclusion in children's literature and education because we believe in promoting self-acceptance, cultural awareness, and racial tolerance.


It is our mission to prepare independent children's book authors to uniquely and professionally tell their brand story in ways that connect with parents, educators, organizations, and corporations.

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We provide done-for-you service areas for virtual assistance, and are currently accepting new clients.

Developmental Editing w/Marketing Analysis & Proofing

We go beyond what's expected of developmental editing to include the professional copy editing, marketing analysis, and pre-print proofing.

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We customize the copy on your website and integrate key resources that help you drive traffic that builds your email list and revenue per children's book sold.

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This rigorous, 6-week program will teach you how to implement strategies, systems, and frameworks to grow a profitable business around your children's book.

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I'm A Marketing Strategist to the Core, But First & Foremost, I'm A Mompreneur...

And I've learned in the short while since I became part of The Motherhood that children are deeply impressionable at very early ages. What they learn about embracing themselves and people in other cultures should be positive from the start. I want to make sure there are more children's books that broaden their horizons because words and images are their world. It's up to us parents to put the right ones in front of them. 

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"Yesterday was just an amazing, amazing conversation. I can't wait to collab with you! Your ideas are right on, your experiences lend themselves perfectly to conquering this new venture, and your knowledge is a superpower that most new authors wish they had at their disposal."

Erica Ramsey-Bowen, Illustrator
~ Content Marketing Strategy

"Thanks so much, Micaela, for helping me begin this new adventure. Things are moving in the right direction. I couldn’t have done it without your help! "

Teresa Middleton, Handcrafted Jewelry
~ Brand Strategy

"Micaela and I had a great conversation where she helped me get some arms around my brand and what I want my brand to look like not in terms of looks, but in terms of content. I will be implementing some of the ideas she shared and look forward to future input from her to help raise my brand awareness. "

Lorraine Beato, Atlanta Area Realtor & Author
~ Content Marketing Strategy

"Micaela gave me step-by-step guidance on not only reconstructing my brand but how to showcase my brand online. With a new brand and well outlined distribution channels, my product launch was nothing short of amazing! "

Dondre Anderson, Brand Owner
~ Brand Strategy

"I really enjoyed our conversation today. It gave me the clarity I needed to further actualize my vision. "

Dr. Tyrone Burton, Author & Educational Consultant
Content Marketing Strategy

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